Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's May. Can you believe that? Time flies. 
My April was actually pretty awesome, I hope yours was just as lovely!

1. Wearing my bicycle shirt Matt got me for my Birthday!! (It was the 23rd) ((Kohls))

2. Matt's new car. It's a Mazda Speed 3, for all you girls out there drooling over it... haha!

3. Kings Island Gold Pass!! If you're not familiar, it's like THE amusement park for our area. It's about a 30-45 minute drive but totally worth it. This is my first gold pass too! I was a poor child. 

4. Me, in the car in my new transformer shirt, also from Matt. (Forever 21)

1. New glasses from Firmoo! Paid $20, you really can't beat that.

2. My new tattoo, celebrating my 18th birthday. I've always loved Winnie the Pooh. Check out this Youtube clip... HERE

3, Chocolate malt's in the warm evening with some lovely friends. 

4. Last selfie, new hat from Forever 21. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


A link-up with an awesome blogger Maria-Isabel from Agape Love! So here we go...

Crush-Crush: A real life crush.
I would have to say my fiance Matt. 

 I love him. He plays guitar for me, and sings to me. He can always make me laugh. He's strong. He helps me dream big, and supports me in everything I do or want to do. He was the other half to my heart. Plus, he's adorable. I mean look at that! How could you not have a crush on him?!

Girl Crush:

Kate Middleton- She's amazing! Classy, sweet, gorgeous!
Selena Gomez- Me and Selena are practically the same age. I've grown up watching her, I've always LOVED her style. For like 4 years I'd get my hair cut like hers every time it changed on her show. I even dyed it darker. 
Elsie Larson- Blogger at A Beautiful Mess
If you have not seen this blog, prepare to be amazed. It's the best blog ever. 

Voice Crush:

Creed- I love them! I cut one of the guys out of the picture... Oops!
Fun- Um, hello! They're awesome. I love his voice, I love their music.
Matt- He's the best singer. I seriously could listen to him all day! (He was grumpy in this picture. He's really cute mad though.)

Blogger Crush/Hair Crush: 

Elsie again. I seriously love this blog. You have no idea. 
She's also my hair crush cause hello! Gorgeous hair. Love the cut!

Childhood Crush:

Nick Jonas- Yessss. Cute guy, amazing voice.
Cole Sprouse- Also known as Cody Martin from Suite life of Zack and Cody. 
Lance Bass- Nsync! I love, love, loved them when I was 6. My mom even took me to one of their concerts. 
I thought he was the bees knees. Had his Barbie doll and everything. Turns out he's like 20 years older than me and gay. 

Products Crush:

Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
I can not live without these products I love them all!

Sports Crush:

Tim Tebow- He took major ridiculing for being Christian and showing it, but he's awesome!!
The Reds- This is my favorite baseball team, and baseball is really the only sport I'll watch. I've been going ever year with my grandpa!

Fictional Crush: 

 Dean Winchester from Supernatural. AKA Jensen Ackels. 
I don't like scary stuff, but Matt got into this show and then I got hooked. Plus with the eye candy, how could you not?

And I think that's it! I didn't really have an shameful crushes. Sorry! 

(P.S. I do not own any images besides the ones of Matt. All images were found through google!)

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Goals 2013

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess  inspired this post with her little goal posts from every now and then.
By the way, if you have somehow not seen A Beautiful Mess click the link. It was hands-down the BEST blog ever to ever be made. Ever. 

My goals for this Spring are fairly simple...
At least that's what I'm hoping anyway.

1. Get 100 followers on this blog.
2. Open Etsy shop for my Graphic Design.
3. Move in Apartment with Matt.
4. Take more photos. 

What're your goals this Spring? 
Share your list on your blog and leave me a comment!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Wore.

I'm so awkward, please ignore it! (: 

Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: I don't know... They were a gift.
Boots: Old Navy. Watch: Kohl's.
And all my make-up is Mary-Kay!

I made this! It's really pretty in person. I painted Domaschko on the front, since that will be my married name. Me and Matt both made glasses a couple weeks ago at a Color Me Mine. He had never been to one before. Which is a crazy thought for me, I practically lived at one when I was younger! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Only a Year Late.

We got engaged Monday, November 28th, of 2011. One day this January, (mind you, OVER a year later) we got our engagement pictures done! These were done by my friend and amazing photographer, Kaitlyn Rawlings! She is the owner of of Fairytale Photography. She's the best, she's doing our wedding photos, and maybe some boudoir photos for a wedding gift? I think yes! Anyway have a look...

Leave us a comment and tell me which ones your favorite!

P.S. Sorry I'm so behind on this blog things. Holidays, ya know? (: